Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Rent Review!

Okay, so if you read my last post, you know that I went to see Rent last night. AND IT WAS AMAZING!!! I am absolutely in love with it. The theater was amazing if you know what Rent is about. The heater itself looks like it is going to crumble down, but that's the whole point of the show. The stars all live in between Avenue A and B in New York City. Mark Cohen is a struggling film maker who lives in an industrial loft with his best friend Roger, a struggling and depressed ex-musician going through withdrawl from smack who has AIDS. Roger's ex-girlfriend April died the previous year after leaving a note saying "We've got AIDS" before slitting her wrists in the bathroom. Roger is an ex junkie and "pretty boy frontman" of his old rock band. Since he found ot he was sick, he holed up in there loft with no money and stews with bitterness towards life. He wants to write one song to leave behind before he dies, thus his song "One Song Glory". Mark is he some what optimistic one of the bunch who wants to help Roger come out of his depression. He wants his films to be known but does nothing about it. They're ex roomate Benjamin Coffin III, or Benny, has since married a wealthy girl Allison Grey "of the Westport Grey's" and has become her father's protege. Benny has lost his moral fiber and wants to exterminate the homeless from Avenue A. He both Mark and Roger's building and the one next door to it and is turning them into a "state of the art Virtual Reality Studio". He had promised them that they didn't have to pay rent, but now is going back on his word. Mark and Roger have no jobs and no moneyand now because of Benny, no heat or electricity. Mark's wild and saucy ex-girlfriend and yet another ex-roomate Maureen left him for another woman, a lawyer named Joanne. Maureen is holding a protest because of Benny's attitude towards the homeless. Maureen is known for her "hottness" and her promiscuity. Joanne is very clean cut and straight edge. Then there's Tom Collin's Mark and Roger's otheranarchist roomate is gay and suffering from AIDS as well. He was expelled from MIT for reprogramming they're virtual reality equipment to self destruct as it broadcasts the words "Actual Reality -- Act Now-- Fight AIDS". He is about to go up to the apartment when he get's mugged and meets Angel, a cross dressing, street drumming, happy, and fun man who helps him to his feet. The two end up together.

The show opens up on "December 24, 9 p.m., eastern standard time" where all of the inhabitants of Avenue A decide that they can't and absolutly refuse to pay rent, where the title song "RENT" comes from.

I will not tell you the rest of the show however because I do not want to ruin the magic for you.

The cast list is as follows:

Mark Cohen: Christopher J. Hanke
Roger Davis: Tim Howard
Angel Schunard: Justin Johnston
Tom Collins: Troy Horne
Benjamin Coffin III: D'Monroe
Joanna Jefferson: Tonya Dixon
Mimi Marquez: Jaime Lee Kirchner
Maureen Johnson: Haven Burton
Mark's Mom & others: Karmine Alers
Christmas Caroler & others: Marcus Paul James
Mrs. Jefferson & others: Frenchie Davis
Gordon & others: Kyle Post
Steve & others: Telly Leung
Paul & others: Shaun Earl
Alexi Darling & others: T.V. Carpio

Okay, so now for the cast review... They were all phenomenal. They had the best voices I have ever heard. Not once did they break character and they were all perfect for the parts. Angel had better legs then any woman and biceps like an athlete. He was probably my favorite character. Justin Johnston did Angel justice. And Jaime Lee Kirchner was a spectacular Mimi. I didn't know someone could move like that, especially in heels and a teeny rubber outfit. Tim Howar as Roger was incredible. haven Burton lit up the stage as Maureen, even if she did moon us... she was HILARIOUS! And who could forget Frenchie Davis? What was American Idol thinking when they gave her the boot? This diva has possibly the best voice ever. Who cares about American Idol? This girl will win a Tony, or TEN! All in all, they could not have picked a better cast.

Rent is directed by Jeffery Seller, Kevin McCollum and Allan S. Gordon. The music book, and lyrics are by Jonathan Larson. Rent has been running on Broadway for over ten years now and has gotten rave reviews by everyone!

Wow, this review stuff is fun. if I can't be up on the Broadway stage one day, maybe I can write reviews for it. Not a bad job if i do say so myself.

There you have it. My first official review. I encourage you all to go the the Nederlander Theatre and see the wonderful show that is RENT.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Rent Rent Rent Rent RENNNNTTT

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsesses with musicals. I have seen Cats, Beauty and the Beast, Wicked (twice), and The Drousy Chaperone. And now this year for my birthday, I have received the best gift EVER, TICKETS TO SEE RENT!!!! As you can tell I am ecstatic. And to add to the excitement, I am going in 10 minutes.

I don't know what it is in particular about Rent that I love most. Maybe it's the amazing songs, or maybe it's the risque plot line, with all of it's taboo-ness. But what I do know is that since I first heard the song Season's of Love, I have been completely hooked. My parents went to go see Rent when it first came out on Broadway. They might not have been thrilled with it, but as soon as I got the soundtrack into my hands, I was in love with it. I've listened to it at least a thousand times and I am confident that I know every song fowards, backwards and sideways if you're picky.

I will most likely post a review of the show at some point in the very near future, but until then......................


Sunday, January 7, 2007


I hate being sick. It seems thats the only thing I'm good at though, getting sick. And I get sick for one day, I get sick for a week!!! And I don't just get sick once, no, I have to get sick repeatedly, with the same thing. Over and Over and Over! I think my high school's assistant principal secretly hates me for it. He sends a not home saying that I have ten absences from one of my classes and we're only allowed fourteen. But it's not like i'm faking sick, or getting sick on purpose! Does he think I ENJOY feeling terrible? And to make it worse he goes on and says "ignored page when called to office". That's because I wasn't in school, I was sick at home retard!!!!!

To make matter's worse, I miss everythining important when I'm sick. For example, last year I missed TWO OUT OF THREE nights of the spring musical which I was in, AND awards night for the music department! I GOT AN AWARD!!! This year so far I'v missed my senior dinner AND the first TWO musical rehearals! I might get kicked out of the show!

Then I have soooooo much homework to make up, and I didn't learn anything!!!

In conclusion, being sick BLOWS!!!